Board Members


Karen Darby Ritz

Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel

Phone: 623-584-6299

Treasurer/Special Events Director

Kevin Wurgler

Award Realty

Phone: 480-540-6572

Vice President/Membership Director

Lory Tone

Farmers Insurance

Phone: 623-241-2600

Secretary/Publicity and Website Director

Davielle Bagwell

Monheit Frisch Group PLC

Phone: 623-975-7586

Board Member

Toni Nelson

Managed Protective Services

Phone: 623-523-2984

Board Member

Tom Parisi

To My Surprise Shuttle

Phone: 623-218-6035

Board Member

LouAnn Covi

Covi Travel, LLC

Phone: 262-215-8399

Board Member

Lisa Gill

CIT Bank

Phone: 623-815-4304

Board Member

Jay Lickus

Benevilla Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 623-584-4999